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  • We can help with legal process and currency exchange.

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Welcome to Cash4overseas Property

Welcome to the home of fast overseas property sales.  If you want to sell your overseas property quickly or buy an overseas property quickly then you have come to the right place.  We are a UK based website that will get your overseas property sold fast.  We do this quicker than any other website portal is that we match overseas buyers and sellers quickly.    
For Buyers:
If you want to buy quickly then this website is perfect for you.  If you are simply browsing or require finance for a property then this website is not for you.  We are interested in genuine buyers who have the finance available to buy.  In return we have the best properties to offer you. We have sellers every day coming to us with overseas properties that they wish to sell quickly.  Some have reduced their prices well below the market value for various reasons.  We can find you the best and the cheapest properties abroad.  We can find you the perfect apartment, villa, house, plot of land or any kind of real estate. 
For Sellers:
If you want to sell your overseas property quickly then you should contact us today.  Our website is built for everything to be done quickly.  We have a database of buyers who are waiting on your property to be added.  We only keep details of buyers who have the finance available and are ready to buy online or arrange an inspection trip straight away.  
Cash 4 Overseas Property was born out of a requirement to try to be different in the overseas property market.  There are thousands of websites with thousands of properties.  Most of the properties that are added will be added at prices well above the market value or if they are added at the correct price then the cash rich buyers cannot find them because there are too many websites for them to browse through to find what they are looking for.  We try to simplify it but first building up a database of cash ready buyers and asking them what they want to buy, where and for how much.  We then attract sellers ready to make a quick sale and most of the time there is a buyer waiting.  So if you want to buy or sell property fast in Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Portugal, Egypt or anywhere else in the world please contact us today. 
So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and lets close this sale quickly.  


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Portugal is the Retirement Hub of Europe

 Portugal is the ultimate retirement hotspot of Europe. It’s the place where every hard working Brit goes to retire, to escape the high taxes in the UK, and the harsh weather. A number of French retirees have also moved to Portugal because of the low taxes here. Should you buy property in Portugal quick in 2017 as well? Portugal gets sunshine...

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Spain is Everybody’s Favourite Overseas Property Destination

 Spain has been doing everything right lately and has once again regained its position as the top overseas property destination in the world.  Should you take advantage of this new found confidence and sell your villa in Spain fast in 2017 at a high? Or should you double down and actually buy a villa in Spain online in 2017? This is a decision...

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Properties in Greece Remain Popular Despite Economic Crisis

 Greece has been in dire economic straits recently, so nobody could blame you if you want to sell your property in Greece quickly and move out of the country, before things get any worse there. Yes, things are looking quite grim at the moment in Greece. The Greek economy contracted in the fourth quarter of last year, according to the economic...