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Botswana Fights to Overcome Real Estate Crisis 13-Jul-2017


 Are you trying to sell your property in Botswana fast for good money? You must be wondering if that is possible under the current circumstances in the country. Yes, you can certainly get someone to buy a property in Botswana online, provided you do your research, work hard on the marketing or hire the right overseas property specialists who...

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Good News from the Cape Verde Property Market 13-Jul-2017


 Are you looking to sell your property in Cape Verde fast for a good price? Things are changing in Africa, the continent is no longer as poor or desperate as it is used to be, and nowhere is this more evident than in Cape Verde. Cape Verde is a former colony of Portugal, and is an archipelago of 10 islands. The economy here has proven itself...

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A Guide to the Bolivia Property Market 13-Jul-2017


 Are you looking for a way to sell your property in Bolivia online? Bolivia is a landlocked country, has no beaches and is different from other South American countries such as Brazil. It is also a poor country, which generally attracts the backpacking crowd of tourists. However, not too many. As Rick Jackson, an American who has a real estate...

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Brazil Property Market Deeply Affected by the Political Crisis 13-Jul-2017


 Are you worried about the political situation in Brazil? Whether you are planning to buy or sell property in Brazil online, you will find this article informative. We tell you exactly what’s been happening with the political and financial situation in Brazil and how that has been affecting the property market in that country. The Brazilian...

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Experts Warn of a Housing Bubble in Canada in 2017 13-Jul-2017


 A number of experts have been warning about a major housing bubble in Canada in 2017. You may be interested in what they have to say if you want to buy or sell your property in Canada online. Hilliard MacBeth, is a leading expert on the Canadian housing market and author of the book ominously titled, Bubble Bursts: Surviving the Canadian Real...

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An Analysis of the Belize Property Market 30-Jun-2017


 Belize is a small Central American country that has been popular overseas property destination for many decades now. Expats and retirees from North America and Europe have sought to buy property in Belize online for years now. This tiny nation is a tourist haven, with a beautiful natural landscape and an open and diverse culture. English is...

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A Guide to the Benin Real Estate Market 30-Jun-2017


 Is it possible to sell land in Benin fast at a good rate? Yes, certainly, as long as you truly understand the real estate market in Benin, and have very good local contacts. The best way to do it is to hire a reputable overseas property specialist, who makes sure that you find a buyer for your property and are able to get a good price for it. Benin...

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Facts About the Belarus Real Estate Market 30-Jun-2017


 Have you wondered if it was possible to sell your property in Belarus fast at a good price? Yes, certainly. While Belarus is an emerging economy, which is still finding its feet after being a part of the Soviet Union for several decades, things are certainly improving here. There are many foreign investors who want to buy property in Belarus...

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An Analysis of the Barbados Real Estate Market 30-Jun-2017


 Should you buy or sell property in Barbados online? That’s a tough question to ask, as home prices in Barbados are yet to return to the levels last seen in 2008. Barbados, like the rest of the Caribbean, was badly affected by the recent global economic recession and is yet to fully recover. Cherita O’Dell of Million Dollar Homes talks...

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A Quick Guide to the Belgium Property Market 30-Jun-2017


 Should you sell your apartment in Belgium fast? Belgium is one of the most important countries in Europe, largely because of Brussels, which is the power centre of the European Union and is home to the European Parliament.  Belgium is a nation of bureaucrats, white collared workers and most people here are comfortably middle class. It also...

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Buying or Selling Property in Bangladesh - What You Need to Know 30-Jun-2017


 Is this a good time to sell your property in Bangladesh fast? Will you get a good price for it? That depends on who you talk to. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Liveability Survey, which assesses the quality of living in locations around the world, Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh is the least liveable city in the world. This...

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The Azerbaijan Housing Market Heats Up 12-Jun-2017


Are you looking to sell your property in Azerbaijan quick? Azerbaijan is a former member of the Soviet Union and it is still a country in transition. The Azerbaijan economy is improving, albeit slowly. Since this is a country that is completely reliant on its oil exports, the nation’s economic prospects depend directly on the latest oil prices....

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Consequences of a Potential Housing Market Crash in Australia 12-Jun-2017


 Are you planning to sell your property in Australia fast? There is a lot of talk about a potential housing market crash in Australia. There are many who say that the present growth rate in the property market, where prices are rising at 10 percent every year is unsustainable. Is that really true? Is Australia at risk of a property bubble? What...

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Analysing the Austrian Property Market 12-Jun-2017


 Are you planning to sell your property in Austria fast? Property prices in Austria have been on the ascendency. They have risen by over 39 percent since 2010, according to a report by ImmoDEX. A new home in Austria costs €359,000 on an average. Home prices have risen across the board. The average cost of an apartment in Styria is now €301,000),...

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A Look at the Property Market in Bahrain 12-Jun-2017

Bahrain is one of the richest countries in the Middle East. It has a flourishing property market and is strategically important to the region. Are you planning to sell your property in Bahrain online? Then you might want to read the rest of the article. According to the international real-estate consultancy Cluttons, the property market outlook for...

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A Look at the Bahamas Property Market 12-Jun-2017


 Are you looking to sell property in Bahamas fast? Bahamas is one real estate market that has been performing very well. This coral-shaped archipelago, which lies on the Atlantic Ocean just off the coast of Cuba has always been a massively popular tourism spot. It was the scene of many James Bond movies. Today, the Bahamas are emerging as an...

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A Guide to the Armenia Property Market 12-Jun-2017


Should you buy property in Armenia online right now? Armenia’s property market is yet to recover from the housing slump suffered in 2008, but it has certainly made a lot of progress. The country has witnessed great economic growth and this is reflected in the state of the property market. The average price of apartments in the capital of Yerevan...

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New Business Friendly Government Inspires Confidence in Argentina’s Property Market 26-May-2017


 Are you planning to sell property in Argentina fast? Then you might be interested in this article. Read on. Argentina has changed – at least the politics of Argentina have changed. The country elected the pro-business friendly politician Mauricio Macri as their new President in 2016. Since then, there has been a new hope, a new sense...

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Huge Demand for Properties in Algeria 26-May-2017


 Could one sell a property in Algeria fast for a good price? Yes, certainly, as Algeria is a fast growing economy which has seen development in all areas – universities, public transport, healthcare, infrastructure and even in housing.  The government of Algeria has spent over $65 billion to improve the quality of housing here since...

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Big Demand for Ski Properties in Andorra 26-May-2017


 Is this the right time to sell your property in Andorra online? There is a huge demand for ski properties in Andorra. Let’s understand why. Andorra is a small country that is flanked by France and Spain on its borders and is well known for two things – one, for being a tax haven, with the lowest tax rates in Europe; and two, for...

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