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Things Looking Very Good for the Turkey Property Market in 2018 So Far 16-Apr-2018


Do you have a Turkey property for sale? If you’re looking to sell property in Turkey for cash, you’d be pleased to know that things have been looking up in Turkey in recent years, in sharp contrast to the pessimism that engulfed the country for the past year or so. In 2017 there was a huge change in Turkey’s political system. Tayyeb...

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Boom in the French Property Market due to the Macron Effect 16-Apr-2018


Are you planning to sell your property in France online? France is the most exciting country to live in Europe right now and that’s mainly because of their new President Emmanuel Macron. Macron has been making all the right moves in France since he was elected to power in 2017. There is a lot of talk about the “Macron Effect” and...

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A Look Back at the Bulgarian Property Market Through The Years 13-Mar-2018


 Are you planning to sell property in Bulgaria? There is a lot of interest in the Bulgarian property market right now, especially because of how well the economy has been doing over the last decade and a half. Bulgaria’s recent emergence as a major tourist destination has also helped. There are today a lot of foreign investors who want...

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Comparing the Greece Property Market With Cyprus 28-Feb-2018


 Are you planning to sell property in Greece online in 2018? Greece has been going through a turbulent time lately, but there are still a lot of people buying properties there. Greece faces tough competition from the neighbouring Cyprus, which is doing very well at attracting overseas investment. In fact, if you’re planning to sell property...

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The Bulgarian Property Market Is Already Looking Very Good in 2018 15-Feb-2018


 The Bulgarian property market has really grown over the last few years. In 2017 alone, home prices in all the major cities in Bulgaria went up by 10% on an average, much faster the average in the Eurozone (4.6%). The data from Eurostat show hat Bulgaria is the seventh fastest growing property market in Europe, just behind Czech Republic, Ireland,...

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Top 3 Overseas Property Trends 2018 07-Feb-2018


 Are you planning to sell your overseas property fast in 2018? Regardless of whether you want to sell or buy overseas property online, it would certainly help to know the trends in the international property market in 2018. A lot has happened in the world over the last couple of years. We have had Brexit, the Trump presidency, Macron’s win...

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Top Trends in the US Real Estate Market This Thanksgiving 29-Nov-2017


 It’s Thanksgiving, the time of the year when families in America express gratitude for everything they have been blessed with. If you are looking to sell a house in the USA online, you know that the real estate market there is on the up. Things are looking very good indeed. Here are the top trends in the US property market this Thanksgiving. #1:...

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Paradise Papers and the Luxury Property Market in Barbados 29-Nov-2017


 Are you planning to sell property in Barbados fast? Then you would certainly want to know about the impact of the release of 13.4 million files, called as the Paradise Papers on the luxury property market in Barbados. Barbados is one of the red hot overseas property destinations, which is favoured by the rich and the famous of the world –...

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Political Uncertainty Causes a Blip in the German Real Estate Market 29-Nov-2017


 Are you looking to sell your apartment in Germany fast? Germany is generally the most stable country in the world, both politically and economically, but things in Germany have taken a turn for the worse in recent days. Chancellor Angela Merkel fell short of majority in the recently called elections as the talks with other political parties to...

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Crisis in Catalonia Has a Limited Impact on the Spanish Property Market 29-Nov-2017


 Are you planning to sell your property in Spain fast? Then you must be anxious about the situation in Catalonia as that threatens to really affect the Spanish property market. Barcelona is one of the hottest overseas property destinations in Spain, especially for wealthy, international investors, and there is no question that the interest from...

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