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Overseas Property Agents in the UK 26-Jan-2016

Overseas Property Agents UK.

 Do you have a property abroad that you’re looking to sell? In that case you need to find overseas property agents in the UK, who will have extensive contacts in the country where you’re trying to sell your property – whether it’s Spain, France or Thailand. Your agent would get your property the exposure it needs both online...

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How Do I Sell my French Home Online 26-Jan-2016

Sell France Home Online 2016.

 If you’re wondering – how do I sell my French home online?, then you’ve come to the right place. First of all, let’s be clear that you shouldn’t have much trouble selling your house in France, because France is one of the most popular overseas property destinations, perhaps just a shade below Spain. There are a lot...

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Sell Property in Sarafovo Bulgaria 15-Jan-2016

Sell Property in Sarafovo Bulgaria.

 Are you looking to sell property in Sarafovo Bulgaria? Sarafovo is a beautiful resort situated on the Black Sea Coast, on the road between Burgas and Sunny Beach. Sunny Beach is Bulgaria’s biggest beach side resort and Burgas is one of the biggest towns in Bulgaria. Sarafovo has a population of over 3000, including British and Irish expats....

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Sell Property in Madrid Spain 14-Jan-2016

Sell Property in Madrid Spain.

 If you’re looking to sell property in Madrid Spain, you will find the information given in this article quite useful. In Spain, while Barcelona is celebrated as the city of the young and the beautiful, Madrid is thought to be the city of the rich and powerful. Madrid has some of the most expensive neighbourhoods in the world. It’s...

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Sell Property in Island of Capri Italy 13-Jan-2016

Sell Property in Island of Capri Italy.

 Is it a good time to sell property in Island of Capri Italy? Let’s briefly overview the Island of Capri first, before we discuss its market potential. Capri is a small Italian island off the southern coast of the Gulf of Naples. There are two towns on the Island of Capri – Capri and Anacapri. There’s a village called Marina...

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Sell Property in Costa Brava Spain 12-Jan-2016

Sell Property in Costa Bravo Spain.

 Is this the right time to sell property in Costa Brava Spain?  Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful places in Spain, with a large British expat community. It is at a short drive from Barcelona and is a part of the larger Catalan region. The Catalan culture and language is very strong in Costa Brava. Since properties in Barcelona are...

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Sell Property in Canary Islands Spain 11-Jan-2016

Sell Propery in Canary Islands Spain.

 Is 2016 the right time to sell property in Canary Islands Spain, or should you wait for a bit longer? Well, one thing you can be sure about is that any property in the Canary Islands will always be in demand. Most properties that are sold in the Canaries fetch anything from 85,000 EUR to 300,000 EUR. Canary Islands are very popular with middle-income...

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