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Major Trends in the Nigerian Property Market in 2017 18-Sep-2017


 Are you looking to sell your property in Nigeria fast? The trends in Nigeria have been very positive. The country has been urbanizing quickly and things are moving in the right direction. However, there are many issues of concern in Nigeria. Here’s a look at the major trends in the Nigerian property market in 2017. #1: High cost of construction...

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Germany Emerges As the Real Estate Hub of Europe 18-Sep-2017


Are you planning to sell your apartment in Germany online? There is every indication that the German property market is now the most vibrant one in Europe. Homeowners in Germany have benefited spectacularly from the recent emergence of the country as an economic superpower – not just in Europe, but on the global stage. This has sent the valuation...

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Slowdown Hits the Chinese Real Estate Market 04-Sep-2017


 Should you sell your apartment in China fast in response to the slowdown in the Chinese real estate market? The number of properties for sale in China has risen at its slowest pace for over two years this July 2017. The slowdown in real estate in China affects a range of industries from furniture and cement to electrical supplies and steel. Home...

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German Residential Property Market Has Never Looked Better 04-Sep-2017


 Are you looking to sell your apartment in Germany fast? Germany has one of the hottest real estate markets in Europe, which is not a surprise as the German economy has been very strong. If you are a seller, there has never been a better time to be involved in the German property market – it is a veritable seller’s market. Grit Hildebrandt,...

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China’s New Rules for Investment in Overseas Property 04-Sep-2017


 Are you planning to sell your overseas property fast? Normally, most people who are looking to sell their property abroad are of the opinion that their best chance of getting a great price is to attract a Chinese buyer as soon as possible. But lately, it seems that getting a Chinese to buy your overseas property online may not be as easy as...

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Here’s What Brits Should Know About Buying/Selling Property in France 18-Aug-2017


 Are you planning to buy property in France online? Or do you want to sell your house in France quick? Regardless, you should know that the buying and selling property in France is different from that in the UK. Let’s see how. First, France operates with the notarial system. Public officials called as notaire are in charge of overseeing...

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South Africa’s Real Estate Market Remains Resilient Despite Political Turbulence 18-Aug-2017


 Are you planning to sell your property in South Africa fast, worried by the turn of events in that country? One can understand why – the last few years have been a highly turbulent period for the South African economy as well as for the property market, largely because of the political instability in the country. South Africa’s...

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Google Has Major Real Estate Plans in the United States 18-Aug-2017


Are you looking to sell your property in the United States in 2017? Well, you should know you could have a major buyer coming your way - Google! Yes, Google is one of the many Silicon Valley companies that wants to enter the US property market. Google has invested heavily in San Jose and wants to create what is referred to as the “Google Village”....

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The Worst May Be Over for the Greek Property Market 01-Aug-2017


 Are you planning to sell your property in Greece fast? Is the worst over for the property market in Greece? Alexis Tsipras the Greek prime minister, certainly thinks so. Tsipras is already the longest serving Greek Prime Minister since the crisis began about eight years ago. He said in a wide ranging interview with The Guardian, “The...

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The Confidence is Back in US Real Estate Thanks to President Trump 01-Aug-2017


 Are you planning to sell your property in the USA quick? Then you must be watching the political situation unfold in the United States very closely indeed. Now, if you were to consider the media coverage alone, you might get the impression that President Donald Trump has been a disaster for the country. But if you follow the news from the world...

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