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Huge Demand for Properties in Algeria 26-May-2017


 Could one sell a property in Algeria fast for a good price? Yes, certainly, as Algeria is a fast growing economy which has seen development in all areas – universities, public transport, healthcare, infrastructure and even in housing.  The government of Algeria has spent over $65 billion to improve the quality of housing here since...

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Big Demand for Ski Properties in Andorra 26-May-2017


 Is this the right time to sell your property in Andorra online? There is a huge demand for ski properties in Andorra. Let’s understand why. Andorra is a small country that is flanked by France and Spain on its borders and is well known for two things – one, for being a tax haven, with the lowest tax rates in Europe; and two, for...

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Angola’s Property Market Picks Up 26-May-2017


 Is it possible to sell property in Angola fast at a good price right now? Angola is one African nation that has done very well in recent years. The country has been witnessing a prolonged spell of peace after the conclusion of a 27-year old civil war which left millions dead. The Angolan economy is one of the fastest growing in Africa. The property...

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A Guide to the Antigua and Barbuda Housing Market 26-May-2017


 Should you sell your property in Antigua and Barbuda fast? Antigua and Barbuda is a constitutional monarchy in the Caribbean which is headed by Queen Elizabeth II. It is an autonomous democracy with a prime minister and parliament. Antigua and Barbuda only has a population of 90,000 people, so as you can imagine it is quite tiny. Even so, it...

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A Guide to the Albania Property Market 26-May-2017


 Is it possible to sell property in Albania fast for a good price? Yes, certainly, Albania has made rapid strides recently after having opened its economy to the world.  For over four decades, Albania was ruled by an authoritarian dictatorship which clamped down on human rights. But things are a lot different today in this tiny European...

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Real Estate Market in France to Benefit from Macron’s Win in Presidential Election 17-May-2017


 Are you wondering if you should sell your property in France online right now? Perhaps you had been waiting for the results of the French elections of May 7, 2017. Well, the votes are in, the results are out. Emmanuel Macron is going to be the new President of France. He beat his rival Marine Le Pen quite easily, winning over 60 percent of...

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The State of the Spanish Real Estate Market 17-May-2017


 We have talked a lot about the real estate scenario in Spain, and it is fair to say that the picture has never looked better or brighter. This is a good time to sell property in Spain online as prices are on the ascendency. You should be able to get a great value for your property. This is much different from how things were only a few years...

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Property Prices on the Rise in Australia in 2017 17-May-2017


 Planning to sell your house in Australia fast? There have been many complaints about the rising real estate prices in Australia. For most people in the country, the apartment prices in cities such as Sydney and Melbourne are far beyond their capacity to buy. Consider the facts. In 2017, home in Sydney shot up in value by 1 percent and now fetch...

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Making Sense of the New Foreign-Buyer Tax on Properties in Canada 12-May-2017


 Are you wondering if you should buy property in Canada online in 2017? Regardless of whether you want to buy or sell property in Canada fast, you would no doubt be worried about the new foreign buyer tax being imposed by the Ontario government recently, to curb the rise in property prices, especially in the Greater Toronto Area. Foreign investors...

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Home Sales Pick Up This Spring in the USA 12-May-2017


 It’s spring time in the USA. Are you planning to sell your property in the USA fast? We have good news for you – home sales are rising in the country, and very fast at that. The market is in a buoyant mood this Spring. A report in Redfin put the increase in home sales to 9 percent in March 2017 compared with March 2016. That’s...

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