Demand for European Property Remains Strong Despite Brexit

 If you are planning to sell your overseas property in Spain, or for that matter elsewhere in Europe, you would no doubt be worried about Brexit and its implications. Would Brexit lead to a fall in demand for overseas property in Europe? Well, at least so far, the demand for real estate in Europe...
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Chinese Interest in Overseas Property Shoots Up

 The recent stock market crash in China has led to several wealthy Chinese buyers look for safe real estate abroad. This is in spite of the Chinese government’s clamp down on the movement of money out of China. What does this mean for you if you are trying to sell your overseas property in...
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Is There a Risk of a Housing Bubble in Sydney?

 According to the UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index, Sydney is at a real risk of a housing bubble and is one of the riskiest property markets in the world. We investigate if this really is the case and whether you should take the opportunity to sell your property in Sydney, Australia and get out...
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