US Property Market Spring Update

 A lot has happened in the United States this June. Politically, the Presidential race seems more or less decided, with Hillary Clinton well ahead of Donald Trump in the opinion polls. What about the property market?  Experts believe that spring is the best time of the year for the housing...
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Spain Feels Effects of Brexit and the General Elections

 If you have a home in Spain that you’re looking to sell, you would be looking at two events very closely this month. First, there’s the Brexit referendum to be held on June 23, and then there’s the Spanish General Election to be held on June 26. Let’s begin with the first,...
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India's Property Market Set for a Comeback

 It does seem that things are changing in the Indian real estate market, as the government seems to have got its act together on the policy front. Property prices in the key Indian cities are rising as investors get back to buying properties again.  So now may be the right time to sell your...
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