Nigeria Real Estate Outlook 2016-17

 Nigeria has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. It has a population growth of 2% every year, with the population in the cities growing at 4% each year. Nigeria also has a flourishing real estate sector, which has been estimated by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to be worth .65 billion. However,...
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Kenya Property Market Trends 2016

 The Kenyan economy has faced many challenges over the last couple of years. Inflation has been as high as 8% recently, while the Kenyan shilling has depreciated against the US dollar. At current exchange rate, 1 USD equals 103.41 Kenyan shillings. Yet the property market in Kenya has done reasonably...
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A Guide to Investing in Indian Real Estate

 There are many British nationals of Indian origin who wish to buy cheap real estate in India. There are three reasons for wanting to look for properties for sale in India. One, many British nationals have family and friends in India and wish to be close to them. Two, property prices in India are...
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Sell Property in Spain - Sell Spanish Property

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