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Why Invest in Florida 01-Jul-2021


  Why Invest in Florida The Sunshine State is proving to be a property hotspot for the USA. Here are a few things to think about if you’re considering investing. Florida has long been one of the stars of the US property market. Its warm climate, spectacular beaches, and vibrant tourism sector make it ideal whether you’re looking...

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Why foreign Investors are Seriously keen on Turkey 01-Jul-2021


  Why foreign Investors are Seriously keen on Turkey For the second quarter in succession Turkey’s property market has grown by more than 30%. Here’s why it’s proving to be such a stellar performer on the world stage. Despite the pandemic the global property market is booming, and the start attraction is Turkey. That’s...

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The Pandemic Property Boom 01-Jul-2021


  The Pandemic Property Boom When the pandemic hit, many thought the property market would be devastated, but in many cases the opposite has been the case. The property market can be a funny old beast. Just when you think it’s bound to drop, it picks up pace once again. Such has been the case during this pandemic. Prophecies of doom...

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Selling Overseas Property After The Pandemic 01-Jul-2021


  What Now for the Post Pandemic Property Market?   As the world returns to normal, the overseas property market is picking up steam, but what will the future hold? The pandemic has had a major impact on the property market, much as it has on everything else. However, as we near the light at the end of the tunnel, what will the post...

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2020 French Property Market 16-Jul-2020


  Do you have a property to be sold in France?     It is one of the well-developed countries in the world and as a foreign investor, it is a golden opportunity to invest or buy villas or apartments in France. It is best to invest in villas and apartments for rental or mortgage purpose. And also it can be used as a vacation home for...

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Sell overseas property fast to cash rich investors 16-Jul-2020


    1.      Hiring an overseas property agent   Look for a top-notch agent who will help you in your chances of selling your property to cash-rich investors, and preferably it should be a specialist that deals with selling and buying properties overseas. The agent should have an excellent relationship with...

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New Zealand’s New Prime Minister to Ban Foreigners from Buying Properties in the Country 30-Oct-2017


  The liberal socialist candidate Jacinda Ardern has been elected as the new Prime Minister of New Zealand. At 37, she is the youngest person to have been elected to this position ever. She is also known to have strong views on the housing market, which should concern you if you are planning to sell your house in New Zealand fast. Ms. Ardern...

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Slowdown Hits the Chinese Real Estate Market 04-Sep-2017


 Should you sell your apartment in China fast in response to the slowdown in the Chinese real estate market? The number of properties for sale in China has risen at its slowest pace for over two years this July 2017. The slowdown in real estate in China affects a range of industries from furniture and cement to electrical supplies and steel. Home...

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South Africa’s Real Estate Market Remains Resilient Despite Political Turbulence 18-Aug-2017


 Are you planning to sell your property in South Africa fast, worried by the turn of events in that country? One can understand why – the last few years have been a highly turbulent period for the South African economy as well as for the property market, largely because of the political instability in the country. South Africa’s...

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Google Has Major Real Estate Plans in the United States 18-Aug-2017


Are you looking to sell your property in the United States in 2017? Well, you should know you could have a major buyer coming your way - Google! Yes, Google is one of the many Silicon Valley companies that wants to enter the US property market. Google has invested heavily in San Jose and wants to create what is referred to as the “Google Village”....

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