Global Warming is Actually Good News for Real Estate in Spain

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Global Warming is Actually Good News for Real Estate in Spain

November 25, 2016

 Here’s an interesting fact – global warming or climate change, is actually good for real estate in Spain. Does that sound like an outrageous statement to make? Not really, when you analyse the issue carefully. So if you’re planning to buy property in Spain online in 2017, we suggest that you read the rest of the article.

Climate change has been positive in Spain for two industries – the tourism industry and the overseas property market. The overseas property market, whether in Spain or elsewhere in the world, is closely linked to the tourism business. If tourism does well, so does the real estate in that country. How does climate change benefit the tourism business?

Climate change means longer summers and shorter winters. Spain has been experiencing longer summers for a while now. This has certainly had a major impact on tourism in Spain. Spain received 68 million tourists in 2015, and this year the numbers are expected to be even higher, over 70 million.

 The warm summer weather in Spain nowadays extends to December. So while the whole of the UK, USA, Scandinavia and Germany are freezing, Spain remains warm and sunny. Days are long and nights are never too cold or dark. That is one of the reasons why so many people are looking forward to celebrating their Christmas and New Year in Spain this time around.

In Britain, as we approach December 2016, the nights are getting much shorter and the temperatures are dropping to new lows. But fortunately for most Britons, Spain is just a sort flight away.

 Anyone could simply hop on a plane to escape the bitter British winter and switch to flip-flops immediately after landing in Marbella or Tenerife. This makes Spain a perfect holiday home destination for people from much colder countries.

Not only are the tourism numbers expected to hit new highs this year, the number of property transactions have risen every month over the last 25 months, and are expected to match the peak figures of 2007.

Yes, there is no question that climate change has worked in Spain’s favour. But it’s not just about climate change. Otherwise countries like Turkey, Egypt and Tunisia would have done just as well as Spain.

What makes Spain so unique is that it is a very stable country – and a very peaceful one. Terror attacks are unheard of in Spain. The crime rate here is one of the lowest in the world.

 Most of Spain’s competitors in the overseas property market, whether it is Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia, have had to deal with terrorism, violence and political upheavals. Turkey, for example, only recently had a failed military coup.  Even France has had to deal with terrorist attacks.

Spain has been an oasis of calm, amid all the turbulence. Spain does not even have to deal with a refugee crisis like Germany and Sweden have been dealing with. This makes Spain a really great place to buy a holiday home or a retirement home.