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Sell overseas property fast to cash rich investors

July 16, 2020



1.      Hiring an overseas property agent


Look for a top-notch agent who will help you in your chances of selling your property to cash-rich investors, and preferably it should be a specialist that deals with selling and buying properties overseas. The agent should have an excellent relationship with the cash-rich overseas buyers from nations like Russia, China, India, Brazil, and countries from the Middle East. It will be beneficial to have an extensive network of other agents that they can suggest to you. Their various online marketing skills should be high in terms of social media use, pay-per-click advertising, and many others.  

Countries like China and Russia have their social media platforms and property portals, which the agent should use as an added advantage. We have WeChat as the number one Chinese social media site, the best platform to market the property. They should explain the protocols of buying properties in your country and the other country and help the cash-rich investors grasp the different procedures required.


2.      Always attend international property exhibitions and shows.

International property exhibitions and shows are the venues where you will meet most of the sophisticated cash-rich investors. They always attend such events, and they already know what they want from there. They require the right deals and aren't hesitant to make a bid on something valuable straightaway when the offer is right for them. Chances of making a sale of your property at such a place get considered highly even if you higher an agent to represent you and try to make the sale.


3.      Online Marketing of the property

Technology made work more effective through Facebook Ads and Google Ads that offer fast results when selling anything, including selling properties to cash-rich investors. You also need to participate in the Russian and Chinese media sites and social forums to improve your selling. Post advertisements on the property portals of these countries, and you can hire a skilled agent to do the marketing for you if you don't have much time.


4.      Holding a property auction

The holding of a property auction is a good idea because many cash-rich investors love such forums. They find it exciting and fun, and there's nothing more impressive when they are making bids to obtain the properties that are available for sale. At the auctions, you will have a high chance of getting the property off your hands. It would help if you found a professional to oversee the activities of sale by a professional. Get to instruct the agent to try and work closely with the investors who will need help in meeting all the contingencies that will come with purchasing your house from your country. It's expensive to hire a highly rated auctioneer, but it will be worth it when your deal is sealed.


5.      Marketing of your property through real estate companies

The use of affiliates from overseas companies to market the sale of your property is another option that you should put into consideration. Get them to include your property listings on their websites so that the cash-rich investors from overseas may see the ad. The photos taken of the property should be very enticing while playing up with unique features. Information such as schools, location, amenities, and the business communities surrounding your property should be included. In case you have a cooperative apartment, it's a bit tricky to sell it to foreign investors because of the different government rules that get put into place.


If you have a property for sale and want to sell your overseas property to investors contact us today.