2020 French Property Market

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2020 French Property Market

July 16, 2020


Do you have a property to be sold in France?


  It is one of the well-developed countries in the world and as a foreign investor, it is a golden opportunity to invest or buy villas or apartments in France. It is best to invest in villas and apartments for rental or mortgage purpose. And also it can be used as a vacation home for the investor.


Where is France?

   France is also known as the French republic, which extends from the Mediterranean sea to the English Channel and the North Sea to the Atlantic Ocean. It borders many countries like Germany, Spain and Italy.
   Paris is the most populated and hub of the fashion house and largest city in the country. It is also the capital with the main cultural and commercial centre for the country. France has the most time zones, which has a total of 12. French is the official and national language for France.
   Mostly the people of France are Roman Catholic and Non-Religious people.


What’s so great about France?

    The most border is surrounded by neighbouring countries, so it is considered to be the world’s most visited country as a vacation place. And also consider being one of the most beautiful countries in the world.
 Most often people visits to Paris, Strasbourg, and for its wonderful beaches.
    Mostly France enjoys the cold winters and Mild summers, except the Mediterranean. France is one of the safest countries in the world with low crime rates.
    Cheesemaking is an old art for the French people. There are nearly 1000 Varieties of cheese to be tasted in France.


What’s pleasures the time in France?

   France is one of the most visited places by tourists every year in the world. There are lots of places to be visited to know more about France. From the hub of fashion house Paris to the French Alps Mountain.
     The Louvre and art is the world largest museum which also holds many art and artefacts. And the most notable place is to visit is the king’s palace which epitomizes royal elegance.
   To travel all over France it is best to use train transportation to travel from one end to the other end of the country.


Is there any demand or requirements for the properties in France?

  Yes, there is lots of demand for the property to buy or sell in the country. And the investments vary according to the place to be invested. It is best to know everything before investing in France.
   The best place to buy a property or to invest in rental villas is in Mont Blanc Valley, Paris, and The Luberon so on.
  The countries like the United Kingdom and other neighbouring countries are showing interest to invest in France.


How to get a property in France?

   If it is as an investment or looking for vacation homes it is best to contact one or two real estate agencies before directly digging in to avoid the consequences. 
   There is no restriction on foreigners to buy property in France. But it is difficult if you directly contact the landlord for some other reason. It is best to follow through an agency which provides service to the foreign customer to invest or buy property in a particular place looking for.
 And it is also a good idea to engage with a local friend if you have one or else it is best to buy or rent the property through an agency to avoid the inflated price of the property.


Where and how can we find a good property in France?

  It depends on the purpose of the property, which is going to be used. If the property holds an own purpose vacation villa it can be bought in Gulf of Saint-Tropez. And as a property of invest, it can be rented also as if needed.
  if the property is to startup a company it should be bought near the main cities like Paris, Lyon, Marseille to avoid the loss of investment and so on. So it can be rented to avoid the major loss in investment.




It is best to buy or sell property in France through real estate to avoid inflated price or fraudulence in most developed countries like France. And being a foreigner it is best to get advice from one or two agencies to avoid the high payment for the property.