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Understanding What Investors Look for in the Czech Republic 10-Nov-2016


 Are you looking to sell your property in Czech Republic quickly? Then it’s important to know what investors look for when buying a home in the Czech Republic. Many home seekers have said that location played the most important role in their decision.

In good times as well as in not so good times, the location makes all the difference. For example, there are some locations in the Czech Republic that were more badly affected by the collapse in property prices following the 2008 recession than others.

There are other important factors as well, such as the availability of public transport. The Czech Republic has one of the best public transport systems in Europe. This is something most people looking to buy a home here appreciate.

 Most property investors don’t mind overpaying for a property as long as it is in the right location. So how do you know if your property for sale in Czech Republic is in the right location or not? There are a few ways to find out.

#1: Is your property located in an area of strong population growth?

Population in the Czech Republic is not uniform across all areas. There are some places with the population growth is much higher than in others. These are places where great job opportunities are available to be had.

High population growth areas are also excellent rental markets. There’s always a huge demand for rental properties in high population areas of Prague and Brno, for example.  

Does your property fall in a high population growth area? You can find out by looking at the population growth in various districts and towns in the Czech Republic by looking at the official stats on the Czech Statistical Office’s website. Here, you will find details on the various neighbourhoods of different cities and towns as well.

#2: How good is the public transport near your home?

Public transport is very important in Czech Republic, and is used as the primary method of travel by over 33% of the population. The metro system in Prague is one of the busiest in Europe. Over 1.6 million passengers travel by the Prague metro every day.

Is your property located close to any of the public transport systems that are widely used in the Czech Republic? Then it can certainly fetch a premium for you when you put it up for sale. 

 #3: What about the demographics at your location?

 Property seekers in the Czech Republic are very much interested in the demographics of a place before buying a home there.

In Brno, for example, there is a strong interest in neighbourhoods where a lot of IT professionals working for companies such as IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, etc. are located.

These areas are not more than a 20 minute drive away from the main places of work in the city. Here, properties can fetch a premium. Similarly in the region of Ostrava, there is a huge demand for properties that are located close to the Hyundai plant.