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New Zealand Has the World's Hottest Property Market 13-Sep-2016

New Zealand Has the Worlds Hottest Property Market.

 In what should be exciting news for those who want to sell apartments in Auckland, New Zealand online, New Zealand has emerged as the world’s hottest property market. Prices in Auckland are now even higher than those in London – which can only be bad news for Britons who were looking to move to New Zealand following Brexit.  According...

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Nigeria Real Estate Outlook 2016-17 23-Aug-2016

Nigeria Real Estate Outlook 2016-17.

 Nigeria has one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. It has a population growth of 2% every year, with the population in the cities growing at 4% each year. Nigeria also has a flourishing real estate sector, which has been estimated by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to be worth $13.65 billion. However, there are many issues that affect the...

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Kenya Property Market Trends 2016 23-Aug-2016

Kenya Property Market Trends 2016.

 The Kenyan economy has faced many challenges over the last couple of years. Inflation has been as high as 8% recently, while the Kenyan shilling has depreciated against the US dollar. At current exchange rate, 1 USD equals 103.41 Kenyan shillings. Yet the property market in Kenya has done reasonably well. The house price index in Kenya gained...

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A Guide to Investing in Indian Real Estate 23-Aug-2016

A Guide to Investing in Indian Real Estate.

 There are many British nationals of Indian origin who wish to buy cheap real estate in India. There are three reasons for wanting to look for properties for sale in India. One, many British nationals have family and friends in India and wish to be close to them. Two, property prices in India are much cheaper compared to those in the UK. Three,...

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South Africa Real Estate Trends 2016-17 23-Aug-2016

South Africa Real Estate Trends 2016-17.

 The real estate market in South Africa has changed tremendously over the last few years. The property market has outperformed the general economy, largely because the demand for houses in South Africa is recession proof. There will always be people who will want to buy property in South Africa fast, as the country is on the verge of a major demographic...

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Singapore Property Market Outlook for 2016 and Beyond 23-Aug-2016

Singapore Property Market Outlook for 2016 and Beyond.

 It’s been almost 9 months into 2016 already, and the Singapore property market doesn’t seem to have recovered from the prolonged slump, which began in 2009. Indeed, prices have been declining (slowly) and if you’re looking to buy cheap apartments in Singapore online, then it would certainly make sense to enter the market right...

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Chinese Property Market Outlook 23-Aug-2016

Buy Property in China Fast.

There have been murmurs of there being a housing bubble in China for many years now. The New York Times actually spoke of a housing bubble in that country back in 2005! The Economist warned of a Chinese real estate crash in 2008.  But before you rush off to sell your apartment in China fast, here’s what you should know – China is...

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Switzerland at Risk of a Real Estate Bubble 26-Jul-2016

Switzerland at Risk of a Real Estate Bubble.

 Are you planning to sell your apartment in Switzerland online because of the rumours that the country is in the middle of a gigantic real estate bubble? Indeed, there is a lot of concern in Switzerland as property prices in the country have reached their highest level since the late 1980s.  The biggest bank in Switzerland, UBS said recently...

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British Expats in Spain Expect Uncertainty in the Future Post-Brexit 26-Jul-2016

British Expats in Spain Worried About the Future after Brexit.j

 Brexit is done. What’s next for British expats in Spain? No doubt it has entered your mind to sell your villa in Spain quick. So should you? The question is if Brexit will really have a significant impact on Brits living abroad. Will things be just the way they have been so far, or will there be a real and material change? The last 5 weeks...

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Immovable Property Tax in Cyprus Slashed by 75 Percent in 2016 26-Jul-2016

Immovable Property Tax in Cyprus Slashed by 75 Percent in 2016.

 Are you planning to sell your property in Cyprus quickly? The news from Cyprus is very good! The Cyprus parliament has decided to reduce the Immovable Property Tax for 2016 by 75%. What’s more, the Immovable Property Tax in Cyprus will be completely abolished in 2017. Averof Neophytou, the leader of the ruling DISY is the person behind...

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