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The Indian Real Estate Story in 2017 27-Mar-2017


 2017 has been a terrific year for India so far, with the country largely recovering from the short-term currency crisis brought forth by the demonetization program in which 86 percent of the high denomination currencies were banned. Those of you who are looking to sell property in India fast would be feeling relieved at how things finally turned...

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Interesting Trends in the Bulgaria Property Market 03-Mar-2017


 Is this the right time to sell your property in Bulgaria online? The real estate market in Bulgaria had a very good year in 2016. 2017 has started off pretty strong as well. It’s like the property market has been given a wake up call recently and has been responding well to it. The biggest factor behind the decent performance of the housing...

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The Real Estate Market in Australia is As Strong as Ever 03-Mar-2017


 There have been many stories in the media that the Australian real estate boom is over, and that the market is headed for a slowdown. You are no doubt wondering if that’s true and whether you should sell your property in Australia fast. Okay, there is no question that the property market in Sydney and Melbourne are overpriced right now....

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Property Prices in Spain Have Risen by 10.8% Since 2014 03-Mar-2017


 Is this the right time to sell your property in Spain? It probably is – home prices in Spain have risen by 10.8% since 2014, which is astonishing, considering how depressed the housing market was only a few years ago, in the aftermath of the global housing crisis. 2016 was a good year for homeowners in Spain as property prices increased...

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Portugal Property Market Looking Very Good Right Now 03-Mar-2017


The Portuguese property market has done spectacularly well over the last few years, largely because of the overwhelming interest from wealthy overseas investors.  Real estate experts predict that home prices in Portugal, especially in regions such as the Algarve, will continue to rise. So, should you take advantage of this and sell your property...

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French Politics and the Impact on the Property Market in France 03-Mar-2017


 Are you planning to sell your house in France online in 2017? 2017 promises to be a special year in France, a very contentious one, just the way 2016 was for the United States. The hotly contested French Presidential elections will be held in 2017, with outsider Marine Le Pen increasingly looking like the favourite to win. Ms. Le Pen holds very...

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Dubai Real Estate Trends – March 2017 Update 03-Mar-2017


 There has been a recent increase in oil prices to about $60 a barrel, which should be great news for you if you’re looking to sell property in Dubai fast in 2017, or buy real estate in Dubai online, for that matter. Here’s a look at the real estate trends in Dubai in 2017. Residential property prices in Dubai have been doing...

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Portugal is the Retirement Hub of Europe 17-Feb-2017


 Portugal is the ultimate retirement hotspot of Europe. It’s the place where every hard working Brit goes to retire, to escape the high taxes in the UK, and the harsh weather. A number of French retirees have also moved to Portugal because of the low taxes here. Should you buy property in Portugal quick in 2017 as well? Portugal gets sunshine...

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Spain is Everybody’s Favourite Overseas Property Destination 17-Feb-2017


 Spain has been doing everything right lately and has once again regained its position as the top overseas property destination in the world.  Should you take advantage of this new found confidence and sell your villa in Spain fast in 2017 at a high? Or should you double down and actually buy a villa in Spain online in 2017? This is a decision...

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Properties in Greece Remain Popular Despite Economic Crisis 17-Feb-2017


 Greece has been in dire economic straits recently, so nobody could blame you if you want to sell your property in Greece quickly and move out of the country, before things get any worse there. Yes, things are looking quite grim at the moment in Greece. The Greek economy contracted in the fourth quarter of last year, according to the economic...

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