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Political Uncertainty Hurts Turkey’s Real Estate Market 17-Feb-2017


 Turkey has been thrown into a lot of political uncertainty over the last 18 months, first because of the series of terror attacks to have hit the country, and then because of July’s failed economic coup. A number of foreign investors have decided to sell property in Turkey fast in 2017 and get out before things become any more untenable. Economists...

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France Remains as Popular as Ever with British Expats Post-Brexit 17-Feb-2017


 How has Brexit impacted the British expat community in France? Does life remain the same as it has always been, or have things changed, post-Brexit? How many are planning to sell property in France online in 2017 and move back to Britain? Let’s investigate! There are officially over 153,000 British expats living in France, although the...

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Big Debate in Cyprus Over the Merits of the Golden Visa 17-Feb-2017


 There is a big debate in Cyprus over the pros and cons of the Golden Visa scheme geared at encouraging non-EU nationals to invest in the country’s property market. If you are looking to sell your property in Cyprus fast in 2017, you should probably pay attention to what’s going on. We bring you all the details. The Golden Visa programme...

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Things Are Looking Better for the Dubai Real Estate Market in 2017 03-Feb-2017


 The property market in Dubai has been through dire straits. Dubai was affected pretty badly by the 2008 global economic recession. Things were pretty bad only a few years ago, as so many of the foreign investors who had invested millions in Dubai properties had been looking for an exit. Are you looking to sell your property in Dubai as well?...

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Reunification of Cyprus and Implications for the Property Market 03-Feb-2017


 If you’re planning to sell property in Cyprus, you would no doubt be surprised at the news of Greece and Turkey getting together for talks on the reunification of Cyprus. This is something that has been going on since the 1970s, but it’s only now that the talks have become serious. This has been a touchy subject since 1974, when the...

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Implications of Brexit for the German Real Estate Market 03-Feb-2017


 Are you planning to sell your apartment in Germany? You may have noticed how, since the Brexit vote of June 23, 2016, there’s suddenly a huge demand for properties in Germany. Many large multinationals that are based in London, are considering shifting their corporate headquarters to Berlin, Frankfurt or Munich in Germany. Could Germany...

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Impact of Higher Interest Rates on US Real Estate Market 03-Feb-2017


 If you’re planning to sell your property in USA then the interest rates will have a strong bearing on the price that you will get for it ultimately. The subprime mortgage crisis in the USA that led to the economic recession of 2008 was brutal for the housing market in the USA. This led to years of historically low interest rates, to support...

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Huge Demand for Portugal Golden Visa from Chinese Investors 03-Feb-2017


 Is this a good time to sell your villa in Portugal? Well, we can tell you that there is a massive amount of interest in Portuguese properties right now. Much of the demand is coming from Chinese buyers. The reason for this huge interest in properties for sale in Portugal is not hard to see. It’s the Portuguese Golden Visa, of course. Last...

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Here’s Why 2017 Will Be a Good Year for the Spanish Property Market 03-Feb-2017


 We are into the second month of 2017 already and the year has already brought a lot of cheer to the property market in Spain. For one, we finally have a government in place, with Mariano Rajoy sworn in as the Prime Minister after nine months of political stalemate at the top.  So what does this mean for you if you’re looking to sell...

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Turkey Offers Incentives to Attract Foreign Investors 23-Jan-2017


 Is Turkey still a safe place for your investment? Should you buy real estate in Turkey? Or is it time to sell property in Turkey and get out before the political situation turns any worse? Recent developments in Turkey, such as the failed military coup and the series of terror attacks, including on New Year’s Eve in Istanbul, in which several...

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