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Top 6 Reasons to Move to Spain in 2017 23-Jan-2017


 Are you wondering if you should buy a villa in Spain and settle down in that country? Does it make sense to move to Spain?  Many people are now selling property in Spain so it may be a good time to buy while the prices are low.   Over a million British expats are already living in Spain. What about you? We give you great reasons...

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Predictions for the Ireland Property Market in 2017 23-Jan-2017


 The Irish real estate market had a good year in 2016. Property prices rose through the year and home valuations shot up through the roof. So homeowners were definitely happy in 2016. What does 2017 have in prospect for the Irish property market? Should you sell your house in Ireland in 2017? Here are the major predictions made by experts for...

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Major Factors Affecting the Australian Property Market in 2017 23-Jan-2017


 It’s 2017. Is this the right time to sell real estate in Australia? Or should you be looking to buy property in Australia instead. It’s a tough question to answer, as there’s a lot of uncertainty in the world today, with Donald Trump becoming the President of the United States and the UK on the verge of making Brexit official....

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Chinese Property Market to Continue to Be Unpredictable in 2017 23-Jan-2017


 Economists are not sure what to make of China’s property market. It had been notoriously hard to predict in 2016, and we expect pretty much the same in 2017. So if you’re in two minds about wanting to sell an apartment in China, it is totally understandable.  Larry Hu, a top economist at Macquarie Securities Ltd. in Hong Kong...

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A Guide to the Barbados Property Market 23-Jan-2017


 Barbados is the most popular Caribbean island and a hit with tourists. It has a very British like atmosphere, but in unique in a lot of ways. There are plenty of reasons why you might want to buy property in Barbados.  Barbados offers a relaxed lifestyle, great food and terrific service. There is an old world colonial charm about the place...

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Sicily, Italy – A Property Guide 06-Dec-2016


 Are you looking to sell property in Sicily, Italy online? Sicily is well known because of the popular movie Godfather starring Al Pacino, which was set here. It is also a promising overseas property destination. Sicily is the biggest island in Italy, situated in the Mediterranean Sea. It has large beaches, lovely fishing villages and vast hills...

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Property Prices in Cyprus May Have Bottomed Out 06-Dec-2016


 If you’ve been waiting for the right opportunity to buy a property in Cyprus online, well, you’re in luck, as home prices in Cyprus have bottomed out. Apartment prices rose by 3.3 percent in Paphos this quarter and by 0.4% over the previous year. Similarly home prices have risen across all regions in Cyprus. Home prices in Cyprus...

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Outlook for Spanish Real Estate Positive Yet Again 06-Dec-2016


 Finally, a stable government is in place in Spain, with Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy firmly in the saddle. So things look good for Spain yet again, which is good news for you if you’re looking to buy property in Spain online in 2017. Real estate construction is back in full swing in Spain, 8 years after the property market crash. Investments...

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Cape Town, the Hottest Real Estate Market in South Africa 06-Dec-2016


 Do you have a property for sale in Cape Town, South Africa? Cape Town is the best performing real estate market in South Africa. There are many reasons for this. Cape Town is enclosed by a coastline and mountains, which does not allow any expansion or overdevelopment of real estate in the city. That’s why the housing supply here is always...

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A Guide to Costa Brava, Spain 06-Dec-2016


 Do you have a property for sale in Costa Brava, Spain? Costa Brava is one of the most beautiful regions in Spain, which has a 3000-year old history. It was first discovered by the Greeks who set up an outpost there.  The Greeks went on to set up a large colony here, the ruins of which can still be seen. Costa Brava is today a famous tourism...

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